Bill Gates Retired

So what do you think of it? I personally think it’s weird that someone retires at 52. I don’t think he hated his job, and sure he can afford retiring unlike many other people, but so could he afford it long ago. What do you think his motivations are?

I do have an hypothesis. I think this is something his wife has made him do. :wink: Seriously. Granted, I guess his job wasn’t so exciting now as 30 years ago anyway… And I know he must take his philanthropist work very seriously, but still…

PS: I know a lot of people hate Mr. Gates wholeheartedly, but please this topic is only about his decision and motivations. Please stay on topic, thanks.

I guess he leaves Microsoft completely in the hands of Ballmer, since Vista has been a success. 88)

Seriously, I’ve no idea what to think since I don’t know anything about Gates. All I think is that Microsoft is obligued to deliver a really good OS to its users, because we’ve paid billions of dollars to the company and now we want something efficient and flexible. With, or without, Gates.

I have nothing against Gates personally, I’ve heard/read to little to know, but I find Ballmer to be very arrogant so it’s a pity that Gates is gone. On the other hand I have no idea how much Gates was involved in Microsoft’s development the last years since he wasn’t the CEO.

I can imagine that Gates now proceeds with charity work. He does have the $$ and from what I’ve heard he’s donated a lot already. If he keeps doing that, retiring now sounds alright.


he is not completely retired… he will work there 1 day a week… I guess on a Friday… and his still in the board of directors… he has stock shares worth $ and his foundation has $ thnks to his friend Warren buffet…

Also he thinks with steve ballmer and ray Ozzie about important projects, I think his bounded for life with Microsoft… And why blame him? He started the company along with Paul Allen I think and I think it dies with him!..

As Triple X said, he’s still on the board of directors, so he is not completely retired. I do know however that he will be spending a majority of his time and money on the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation.

I don’t think Microsoft will die with Gates, although if they have another bad OS release that could change ;D

As for my opinions on Ballmer, I don’t like him, but that’s another subject :slight_smile:

I dislike the CEO of Microsoft too.

Bill Gates retired because had has a hell load of money and other commitments. Heck! Gates has SO MUCH MONEY, He has people actually looking after his money.

Think about it… :wink:

Gates has so much money, that disposing of it is hard work LOL. No time for MS. :smiley:

True!! :slight_smile: lol

He must get tired of looking at the money he gets from interest at his banks ;D


Why can’t he help Australia with the drought!