Bigfishgames being blocked

I posted this on the wrong forum, so here goes.

Hi all,
Hope someone can help.

Never had a problem with comodo until the last two updates. Now it wont allow any game I download from bigfishgames to install, or any game I have previously installed, to play. Every single game comes up with virus detected and quarantined. I know the files have funny names like bsnjzb.exe but they are just the game window launch files.

Games already installed I can launch from the game exe file, but I cannot install any more and I have no games listed in my launch window as comodo has quarantined ALL of them. I have given bigfishgames and required applications unlimited access through comodo, but this is not stopping comodo scanning for virus’s and quarantining my files, and I cant get them back.

Please help

No improvement, and no help so far, no reply to my e mail request. The big fish game launcher file will not start the games, it is taken as a virus. All are macromedia flash objects and all, bar 2 old pre 07 games are blocked.

Hey there and welcome to the forums

I’m sorry but the development of CAVS 2 is stopped (look here), and therefor many bugs will not be solved. As this is an ennoying thing I sujest you delete CAVS 2 and go with some else in the meantime untill CAVS 3 comes out.

Before you delete it, go to the quarantine and let all products out of there.

Good antivirus programs (free) are Antivir and Avast (or even AVG)


Before you go off deleting things, lets figure some things out.

  1. Are you using the firewall or antivirus? What you’re describing sounds a lot like CAVS 2, Comodos antivirus, but could also be Comodo Firewall.

  2. If you’re using the antivirus there should be a way to tell Comodo to ignore certain files. Bigfishgames.exe lets say. Search around in the GUI, I’m sure it’s there somewhere. It should be called the “file excluder” or something. When you find it put in the file names that you want Comodo to exclude.

  3. In the meantime, if you think an update to Comodo Virus definitions (assuming it’s the antivirus) caused this send an email to malwaresubmit[ at ] with the file you think is the false positive in a zip archive. Put suspected false positive or something similar in the subject line and explain where it’s from. If you like, reference this thread in the email to make it clearer.

Excluding the file should fix the problem.

Also, I’m going to delete your other thread as it’s a duplicate.