Big Problems :(

Windows: Windows XP Pro/SP2/x86 (32-bit)
Security: Avast Antivirus 4.7 + Spybot S&D
Affected Components: Firewall/Compatablitiy issues
No affected software.
Description Below.
Uknown Steps, minus the Window Blinds bug.

First of all, congrats on such a secure firewall. (:CLP)

Being a beta, there is some bad (troubling) news…

First screenshot is just a GUI problem that pops up EVERYWHERE. It’s just a small imcompability with window blinds, setting CFP to ignore skinning in windows blinds fixes this.

Second, and much more serious. You know those ‘disappering rules upon restart’ bug thats squished?
Well, it still seems to live =.

At some point I also got a diagnostic report, for some reason (can’t remember)

COMODO Firewall Pro
Operating System: 5.1.2600 Service Pack: 2.0 Processor: 32 bit

Note the version number? I thought I had downloaded an old version, but check the icon. Right version.

Also had troubles getting utorrent and firefox to work properly, but since i spent less then 10 minutes in total…

[attachment deleted by admin]

May be one of this known workarounds may help you: .

I’m not useing it anymore, I’m just saying these bugs still exist.