big problem with micro torrent


I noticed for some time that when I uninstall a program, I have a lot of my tv series that were deleted ! ???

I have more than 20 GB that have been deleted from the computer to reboot, I did not understand that it took so long, even for a small program uninstalled. :-\

Do, I also removed my tv series, I am disgusted.

There is a solution to ignore the activities of micro-torrent ?

thank you very much

EDIT: please use standard font size for an easier read, wasgij6

Maybe it is being happen because of micro torrent or you’re having the setting like this I mean perhaps you’ve save the settings like delete files that’s been a part of that program which is you’re going to uninstall. First try to check your settings and if you wouldn’t found any problem there then try to look for any other torrent.