Big OS Switch

Well I just switched my notebook from dual booting XP and Ubuntu 7.10 to running only Ubuntu. Thought I would give it a shot and see if I can go without windows when traveling around :wink:

Here are some screenshots :smiley:

NOTE: These screenshots were taken before formatting the PC (notice the 15GB of free space toward the bottom of the first screenshot). However after re-installing Ubuntu the current settings are exactly as they were when these were taken.

So now with this new switch, I no longer have a machine running XP. One running Ubuntu, and another running Vista Ultimate.

Well, judging from your wallpaper I’d say you live on the moon.

LOL :smiley:

he is on the moon with internet? maybe DSL provided by the aliens? :open_mouth:

Exactly. Don’t forget that the moon is also Earth’s satellite, so his home is the internet source itself.

Satellite Internet services are used in locations where terrestrial Internet access is not available and in locations which move frequently. Internet access via satellite is available worldwide, including vessels at sea and mobile land vehicles. There are three types of satellite Internet service:
  • one-way multicast,
  • one-way with terrestrial return, and
  • very small aperture terminal (VSAT) (two-way) satellite access.

The back panel of a satellite modem, with coaxial connections for both incoming and outgoing signals, and an Ethernet port for connection to the internal network.

That’s right. Very alien-ish (:NRD).

Melih, In reading the comments above, about the Internet and the Moon. started me wondering again (:LGH)

Wondered if any Security Software is used to protect the “International Space Station” And all that they do, especially with the Internet ?

Oh for those that follow space flight, my wifes Sister in Law’s cousin is Peggy Whitson !

Never met her, but have been following NASA TV, and I grin because almost daily in the last two weeks she gets questioned either about how it feels about being the First Woman Commander of the International Space Station, or if she needed to use the whip yet! Oh she left the whip back on Earth.


Darn, you all discovered my secret location >:(

Time to go back to Mars ;D

Hi, Justin.
It seems we’re on the same level here.
Right now, I’m running one Ubuntu/XP (Dual Boot) & another pure Vista ultimate.

Can you tell me, what’s different from Ubuntu vs Vista in the way you do your everyday tasks.
I really like to know how you feel about the differences are.
And how about the configurations? How does it compares in Firefox vs IE analogical? Does it feels more like an FF, or something else?

Hey Wisanggeni,

Well with my notebook, I only use it to browse the web, check e-mail, and watch a video every now and then when I’m away from home, and I don’t need Windows to do those simple things. So why use Windows and have to worry about malware, etc… when I can do all those things in Ubuntu?

My desktop at home is a bit different, I mostly do the same with my desktop, except on my desktop I must have Microsoft Office to complete some schoolwork (open office is great but formatting isn’t the same…), and I use it to play some games occasionally, which unfortunately you cannot do in Linux.

I use Firefox on both my Linux notebook and my Vista desktop with exactly the same configuration so there is no difference in a web browsing experience. I detest IE and will not use it.

If OpenOffice formatting becomes better and Linux could get decent game support I would leave Windows altogether.

Hope this answers your questions :slight_smile:


P.S. With this said, you may wonder why I have Vista Ultimate, the answer is, I hate using an OS which is not full, and imo Windows Vista Premium, etc… are not the full OS.

Now this is an OS thread, but I have to ask. Formatting? Like layout and that stuff? I’m currently using OOo for a big work, the program works very well in my opinion. Only miss one thing from Word: inserting references (with auto-update) to chapters. I’ve managed to insert other references, to tables and illustrations, but not chapters.

Don’t know how the English dictionary is, but my native Swedish one really misses a lot of words.

Well, OOo deserves a thread on its own. I love the suite - completely free, open source, open format and constantly being developed. Now they just need to update the GUI a bit. :wink:


LOL, I’m going in the opposite direction, trying to use a diet-XP with the help from nLite. :smiley:


Well the way I see it, for a little bit more space, I get the complete OS and then I get to choose what I do and do not wish to use, this way I am not limited. :slight_smile:

Well, thank you Justin.

Every words from your experience, describe my need as well.
And it seems, again; we’re on the same page. Where we prefer Windows over Linux for its gaming support.

While true Open Office, is a great alternative, but yes it still needs a lot more improvements. Especially on the formating/layout department.

I’ve tried the latest Open Office, and it falls flat when I’ve tried to do some simple bullet list formating.
Like this:

  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3

It’ll react differently (weird?) when you tried to increase one of the list’s indent (pressing TAB in the beginning of the bullet listed words).