Big host-problem with Comodo.

I’m hosting ventrilo and cs servers to my friends. I’ve made a rule for both in application monitor , and allowed all activities. Still, they cant join my servers without me shutting down my firewall, why?

Log says this:

Description: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, IP =, Port = 3784)
Protocol: TCP Incoming
Source: my friends ip
Destination: my ip
TCP Flags: Syn
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 7 ← that’s the only 1 marked as red ball.

Thats what i get when some1 tries to connect ventrilo server. Do i really have to open ports for every single program i use, to get others from outside get pass my firewall?

It is hitting CFPs final block & log rule… this rule stops unsolicited connection attempts… which CFP thinks they currently are. You need to add a rule (or 2… not sure what Ventrilo/CS Servers needs) to the Network Monitor (placed above the final block & log rule) that allows access from all IPs/hosts… or maybe selected IPs/hosts to restrict it further… with the Destination port of whatever it is… not 3784, I think that maybe the source.

So Comodo is just like NAT? I have to open ports if i want people to connect me from outside? That sucks :frowning:

It is not like a NAT, that’s something a little different. But, you do need authorise (open) incoming ports in CFP 2.4.

Why don’t you take the new CFP Beta for a test drive… it is a little bit different in this regard. :slight_smile: