Incorrectly listed as Malware is being incorrectly classified as malware by Valkyrie Verdict. Your classification is incorrect and your service is the only one classifying us as anything other than clean. Our hosting provider has scanned our site and researched this repeatedly and extensively and there is no malware on our site. We have sent you extensive documentation showing you that you are likely misclassifying due to a failed url masking campaign targeting thousands of sites. Please remove our site immediately or let me know if or what additional information you need.
Thank you.

Let me add…ransomware.js is making a POST request to our site but we are already answering with a 404 not found:

404: Not Found

Please remove malware classification as soon as possible.

Hello dcrim,

Thank you for reporting this, we’ll check it and get back to you.

Thank you. Has there been any update?
Thank you, David

Hello dcrim,

This should be fixed now.

Best regards,