Better theme or themes needed

I like the idea of Firefox with added security, so I hope that development and improvement will continue.

But a better default theme is definitely needed. The current one has too much black. On Win 7, there is no visual indication that the window does or does not have focus. And as you can see from the attached screenshot, the Googlebar Lite extension bar is black and difficult to read.

I recently learned from a post elsewhere in these forums that CID supports some FF themes. So I tried a few, and found one I really like. It makes CID look mudh more like FF.

But as another screenshot shows, the menu bar is totally black and useless.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I don’t like current ID theme because of it has buttons (x for example) in bad places and with touchpad, it’s difficult to hit them.

Instead, I use this:
Really like it after I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now. Nice, minimal space wasted.

Wooow…thanks for posting that extension Lord Ami, I’m trying it out myself, looks pretty coool ;D

I think theme availability would be better in 15

Still not enough themes and Personas still don’t work with CID. :frowning:


Some of the themes are not compatible with Firefox 15.0, making them incompatible with IceDragon as well. This is not something that can be solved by changing the browser, the themes themselves have to be updated.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for the information and I am aware of the issues with some of themes
The Personas issue has not been addressed.
It says in the help section on how to customize the appearance of Comodo Ice Dragon you should be able to add Personas.

Still not able to.
Any ideas when this will be fixed?

From what I understand–and I could be wrong–personas are essentially lightweight themes. They serve to customize the appearance of Firefox the same way that themes do, but cover far less area of the screen. While full themes can change the appearance of the entire FF (or CID) window, the Personas concentrate on the top of the screen where the toolbars are.

Do you have a particular Persona that works with FF 15 and fails to work with CID 15?

My custom Persona doesn’t work with CID nor any other Persona I’ve tried to use. I think the problem is in the custom theme CID has. It’s way too dark whilst the default themes in SeaMonkey and FF don’t have as dark a background. I’m in IT and am very familiar with a lot of browsers and customizing them and was really hoping that this version of CID had addressed the Personas issue. Other than that I really like CID.

great extension, exactly what i needed, thanks :o ;D

Perhaps true but… I had firefox 15 few weeks ago, and for example Gisele theme, although smaller than used to be in say firefox 13 (btw i used to love firefox 13 appearance… ■■■■) still worked with 15. Currently, I have not found a persona that works with CID… Try DarkFox personna… it has 10mil users, don’t tell me it is not supported by firefox 15 :slight_smile:

Okay probally the only things that i dont like about icedragon after giving it a try over firefox are features of the interface that could be easily fixed:

1: tabs dont reach to top of sceen so cant be clicked swiftly and easily by moving cursor to the top on the monitor.

2: bookmarks toobar is WAY to tall and each button uses up far more space than the one on ff.

these two points could be fixed by just making them use the same size/layout as ff and all would be well.

My favorite FF theme is back! :slight_smile:
Red Cats Blue Flavor and is working very well with CID.
Personas still can’t be added as of yet, but, I think probably in CID 16.2
Do I have that info right?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

With v17.0.1, Personas is supported. Try Personas Plus with the Personas Rotator.

Well, if you want a nice, clean, and complete theme for IceDragon, take a look at MX3 (4.5.7) At the Fire Fox Add-ons theme site at: I find MX3 perfect for my needs. Good Luck.

Hi everyone!
I’m new to CID, but i liked it from the start. GOOD JOB!
I have a suggestion on the theme (I’m using this theme is FABOULOUS when I use CID for the first time, but after I choose to display the “Favorites Toolbar” (I hope this is its name in english because I use a localized version), the colour of the toolbar is different from that of the navigation toolbar (white versus gray) and it’s a bit old-style. It will be much appreciated to have a homogeneous color across all toolbars.
Thank You in advance, you’re great!