Better Speed & Performance

When i make full scan, Comodo AV slows my computer. Despite the use of less than 20 % of CPU time, whole system grabs instantaneous hangs on. I’ve got CIS on WinXP Prof + SP3 32 bit. On Win7 i’ve got Norton IS, which is very fast and light (even during full system scan). So i think that the fault is by AV engine side. Maybe try to clean Comodo AV code like Symantec did with their Norton, so CIS could be lighter and faster than it is now.

Am i right?

I agree that when doing a scan it takes way more resources then it should, maybe that will be solved when version 4 comes out who knows? From what I have heard there will be no other 3xxx versions apart from what you have now (that is hoping you are fully upgraded. :)) Version 4 beta should be available in December but of course things can and do slip.