Better compatibility with Firefox needed

I realize that under Mozilla’s licensing terms for the Firefox source code, you are not allowed to use the Firefox name on your derivative browser because you have modified that source code.

I know that applies up front, where the program is visible to the user. But does it apply to behind-the-scenes also, where software applications communicate with each other?

For example, there is a wonderful 3rd-party utility called Firemin which does a great job of correcting Firefox’s poor memory management. But it does not recognize CID as Firefox.

The anti-virus program Avast makes an ad blocker available to browsers it can find. That includes Firefox. But it does not recognize CID as Firefox.

Third party download managers, any of which are an improvement over FF’'s internal download manager, don’t recognize CID as Firefox.

Is there any way that CID can “secretly” report to these and other programs that it is Firefox, while not visibly using the Firefox name?

(BTW, by jumping through some difficult hoops involving symbolic links, I was formerly able to get Firemin to work with CID. But with the current CID that workaround doesn’t work for me any more.)

The problem is extensions that have the directories hard-coded into the extension. Therefore, if the only directory it can look in is the Firefox plugin directory, it’s not going to work with Ice Dragon because it’s using a different directory.

I believe the Avast ad blocker is powered by AdBlock Plus. You can just download the ABP extension which will work with Ice Dragon.

Neil, Adblock Plus is all the protection you need. It is very customizable also. Works great in CID. :wink: