Beta version of Comodo Battery Saver is now available!

Hello everyone!

Here comes another happy announcement. We have beta version of Comodo Battery Saver V1.2.0!

What’s new: We added tablet support!

Fixed: Missing digit on remaining time on some devices.

And various other minor functionality and design fixes.

Product/download link:

Size: 1.371.246 bytes
SHA-1: 64A66940433DDA3E31F642E6162B8683907FE223

Known Bugs:
• Crash on Android 4.4 - We are working on it :slight_smile:

We would appreciate if you can take your time to give us the feedback or report us the bugs you identify on CBS. We believe that with your concerns and under our continuous efforts, our products would get better and better.

If you find bugs please send us with below information.

  1. What is your device brand name and model name?
  2. What is your device Android version and current language preference?
  3. Please provide more detail about when and how you got that error? Does it have a pattern?
  4. It would be great if you can capture screen shots regarding the error.

Thanks in advance!

Plzz attach few screenshots like you always attached with any new versions here.

any news regarding fixing this 4.4 crash thing?


We are working on it :slight_smile:

thx and Merry Christmas to you all :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

One thing that I think would be helpfull and good to see is an option to turn on wifi at certian and when wifi is not on then have the mobile data be enabled or have an option to tell it like when mobile data is turned on to turn off wifi and when wifi is turned on turn off mobile data because having only one on will of course save more battery


Could be an option but I see two problem on this implementation.

  1. GSM data is more expensive in general, so people would like to have Wifi as much as possible and actively control the access over GSM data
  2. When you disable the Wifi, you can not scan and connect to Wifi when it is available. We may implement it with periodic check but I am not sure if it will help with consumption.

We have “Disable features when device locked” option under settings. What do you think about that? Can we improve something there?

Good job guys, whats the eta on GA?

Thank you,

It is in testing stage right now, It will be released soon :slight_smile: But we can not give any hard date on Forum.



hi there,
glad to see you fixed the crash :slight_smile:
I want you to succeed, that’s why I’ll keep on giving feedbacks.

(still on Nexus 5, android 4.4.2)

  • The icon in the notification doesn’t seem to refresh. My battery was at 38% but it still showed 75%. I had to launch the app to refresh it
  • A nice feature that other apps have: purge memory. You can check DU Battery Saver for that, I will go back to this one for now, but I’ll check CBS from time to time. Their notification icon is also a lot more readable.

edit: well I guess this feature is in CMS for now, it’s optimize system or something like that.

Thank you Syl,

We are glad you like it and you provide feedback. We are going to check that notification but it works fine on my S4.

Best regards,