Beta testing Win 7

I like Comodo but present version incompatible with Win 7, although I understand that the beta for Win 7 is coming along nicely.

Am hungry enough to use Comodo on Win 7 that I’ll suffer thru the downside of testing a beta product on an RC product if such is possible.

Am retired with entry into computer field in 1962 with the IBM 650 (a drum-storage bi-quinary 1+1 addressing system), possess EE degree and 3 Microsoft certifications.


CIS 3.9 is compatible with Win7 (just doesn’t display in the new Security Center yet).
This should be released publicly next Tuesday.

Hi karl,

Welcome to the forums. If you haven’t found it yet you may be interested in participating in the Beta area of the forum.
You can from there, keep up with latest betas and test and report on what works and not.
Even though it isn’t supported It is doable. It’s working for me and others.
Some are having issues.
Come and play you have to be logged in to see the area.


Bad Frogger,

Many thanks. Have visited the link you gave.

Looks promising.

Now need the link to the latest and greatest beta release of CIS. Wasn’t sure which whether link I found was the current link.



I answered your post in CIS Beta Corner.


Bad Frogger,
Many thanks.