BETA can't be updated?


i have just intalled Comodo and have tried to update it. click on “Check For Updates” and it answers:

   Sorry, updater is not functional in BETA version.

Should I intall earlier version to be up to date? how can one keep this application up to date then?

There will be an announcement here in the forum when an update is available for the beta, and you can download and install it then.

can i be informed when this announcement will appear? or i should check the forum every day?

Just check the forum occasionally. Updates are not very frequent at this point.

[at] kakaja,
Please note that V3.0.22 is a BETA. It is not a proven stable release intended for widespread use. It is primarily designed to users to test the new Threatcast feature.

As a rule, Comodo do not issue updates for BETA releases. If this beta gets updated, you will probably have to uninstall the current beta and reinstall the updated beta.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi ,

I downloaded the this beta, and working fine, I know it can’t be updated, may be the update function should be enabled and alert us that a new version is available for download.


Isn’t that what 2.x beta’s did?