Beta 175. What to further test?

Besides the bug on compacting the snapshots, I couldn’t find any other problem with the beta 175.
I’ve tested on Windows 7 and two installations of Windows XP (virtual).

What should we test more?

I’m also waiting for the translated interface (and console) to test… :P0l

Hi Tech.
I’m glad to hear that. In fact, we hope to get more feedback from users about 175. Then we can solve the problems at once. We are working on next version of CTM. Buddy. It should be more stable.

About translated interface, We already merge them to the latest version of CTM. They will be included in the next version. About details, I sent mail to you two days ago. Plesae check it.


Yes, I got it.
But I’m not able to correct the translation unless you say (confirm) that the files you’ve sent to me weren’t updated or changed. If so, I can make the corrections.

What else to be tested?
Seems that very little users are beta testing, at least for the minimum forum activity…