Beta 175. Icon disappear from system tray. Can't open the interface.

Well, that’s it. I have two processes running. Can’t kill them, can’t restart and can’t see the icon on system tray.
I can enter the console at boot.
What should I do?

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I’ve restored a snapshot with CTM.
Any way to help troubleshooting this?
Of course, the icon came back after restoring…

Any help? Where is the support team? ???

It sounds very strange, these processes should be able to end.

BTW: Are you enable “fast user switching”? In this case, if you switch user, the CTM icon will be disappear insystem tray, and can not open the interface.

Thanks for your support! We will look into this issue and try to fix it in the future.
Best Regards

Specially it is not an admin process…

I have more than one user, but I was not using the fast user switch.
By the way: Administrator (default), my account with admin rights, Guest account.