bestspywarescanner, FP?

CIS detect a malware when the installation is finished.

Program Files\Best Spyware Scanner\BestSpywareScanner.exe

Is that a false positive?

Hi a256886572008,

Thanks for reporting.We will check that and get back to you shortly.


(FakeAV) -

but Kaspersky says “no malicious code” … and now ?

Hello siketa,

This False Positive has been fixed.You can check with Virus Signature Database version 9722 and confirm it.

Best regards,


All the credit goes to a256886572008 this time… ;D

This bestscanner looks like a rogue software.

I’ve submitted it previously as a fakeAV and it was added and now it’s removed from database :smiley:

I know you don’t take mywot ratings 100% but the site is rated poorly by it.

Only Avast and NOD detects it…

Also listed in lavasoft’s rogues gallery.