Best system recover options

First let me apologize if this topic has already been covered and for any misunderstandings my may have.

Being a new user to CTM as I understand it CTM does not backup data. It simply saves a mapping of file structure and file locations or reference points. Also if I understand correctly is saves the snap shots on the individual protected drives themselves. For instance if you have a C partition with the OS (Win 7) and applications including CTM and another partition say E that contains user data with both protected.
So CTM will store the C partition portion on a section of the C drive and the E partition portion on a section of the E drive. If the E partition becomes corrupt and the data is not backed up elsewhere then CTM will not be able to recover it. Same goes for the OS partition.

So now I get to my question:

What is the best system restore option in conjunction with CTM?

So far I love how CTM works to allow me to go to a previous point in time with ease, but I would like to take it to the next level. Total fault tolerance, in the sense that I can recover from a HD failure on any protected partition and if for instance I had to reload my OS and CTM.

Thank you in advance for any comments and ideas. :rocks:

None. System Restore and file defragmentation aren’t compatible with snapshot technologies such as CTM.

IMHO that’s correct.

It is better to protect with CTM only system partition. If otherwise then you must consider that if you protect other partition and make rollback then all protected partitions go back together to the same point.

Imaging is a good addition to CTM. When you store images outside the system partition preferably on an external disk.

That’s a good point Solarlynx. I did not think of the fact that the partition I use for my user data gets rolled back too so any files that have changed will rollback too. I am going to change my setup based on that and only protect system partition and just backup my user data outside of CTM.

Wait, can you un-protect a partition once it has been protected? I don’t see how that can be done.

I second disk imaging. Snapshots and disks can fail. Imaging to a secondary HD is a must as well to minimize loss of data and sanity. I do an Acronis True Image about once a month or so. On occasion I’m very glad I did.

I never did it but maybe you can fix it only through re-install of CTM.
If you decide to do it then:

  1. You would better backup you non-system partition to an external drive for the case if something goes wrong
  2. Additionally you can make images of system partition and your data partition (which is protected by CTM) just for the case if CTM uninstallation ruins the system (though I had never had it personally).
  3. You must choose to what snapshot uninstall CTM and choose it during uninstallation.
  4. If you uninstall not to the current snapshot then restore your non-system partition with backup from point 1. If you need it

I hope it will go smooth.