"Best security suites.... at the other end of the spectrum, comodo"

At first i wondered about the price tags. 79,99-89,99
Then i wondered about that one of these products “achieved a first-ever perfect score for malware blocking”.
At last i wondered about: “At the other end of the spectrum, Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 ($4.99/year direct, 4 stars) sticks to the basics, firewall and antivirus; its low-low price matches the bare-bones feature set.”

Initially you get descriptions of lorries full of features (Yeah, for 89,99, you know?), if you need them or not, if you can get them on your own or not.
At the end you somehow meet a cheap car. Old, bare bone, basic. Worth 4,99. (How bad the free version must be! Wait, didnt he actually describe the free version, and that only partially?)

I would call this “biased” (maybe unintentionally).
But, isnt comodo the only product that gets described by lacks and a low price there? (While existing good and necessary CIS features were not mentioned at all?)

The high price and the gimmick features, thats how you impress … SUPERficial :smiley:

Just, … dont jump on that train :slight_smile:

It appears from their review that they held the number of features to be much more important than the protection offered.

By the way, how did CIS not get a full score for Virus Blocking? Should that have been instead named virus detection? ???

(By the way, isn’t it nice to hear that McAfee is one of the best security suites out there :D)


The masses have been brainwashed into thinking higher cost=better protection.

Yes, actually you have to go to the full review Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 | PCMag to better understand CIS pros and cons (in pcmag’s opinion, of course):
Very inexpensive. Very good malware blocking. GeekBuddy remote help extremely effective at cleaning up malware, especially rootkits. Very little effect on performance.
Low ratings from independent labs. Firewall’s program control effectively off by default. Defense+ popups force uninformed user to make security decisions. No parental control, antispam, antiphishing, or privacy protection.

well i read the full text and thats kinda funny.

they say that independent labs score cis as not efficient enouth but, hey!!! i have cis for about 1 year (not to mention the 2years before) and guess what?





I guess I an lucky then… OH wait!!! everyone in this forum have the same results… well, maybe we alll are lucky?

I have had Comodo CIS for over three or more years, and…

EXCEPT for one issue with my game Diablo III when trying to battle Magdah, and everything starts to move at a turtle pace until disabling +D and the antivirus when battling her. Then afterwards turning it back on and everything works great!! Other than that…NOTHING!

I’d say no one counts sandboxed as protected. They just count what antivirus component detects. Not exactly correct…

LOL! Default Deny is the future ;D :-TU

How did the free version of zonealarm do better than the paid version regarding virus blocking >:( :-TD

Hmm, that’s strange never ran into that problem with anything in Diablo III…I would get very choppy spots but that was because my graphics card isnt great but once NVidia updated the drivers everything was back to smoothness. I got CAV - Stateful, FW - Safe Mode, D+ - Safe Mode, Sandbox - Enabled and didn’t install with Game Mode.

Meh, I am not at all surprised.

Look where Comodo failed… the AV part.
Comodo’s AV has always been terrible.
Some assume that since the Firewall and Defense+ is so great, the AV will be great too.

Two different program managers.

Maybe if they had an AV program manager with skills like Egemen, things would be different.

IMO Comodo AV is still about 2 years away from being competitive.

I don’t agree. One test means nothing. Comodo AV now is one of the best in the whole AV market. I would even go to say that it’s the most over-protective AV today. Having single engine and have such detection is crazy. On top of that real-time protection is leading all the way. I used many AV’s. I would know.

Test it yourself instead of saying something wrong …
Btw, today CAV is better than Panda, Symantec … Take Symantec for example : Their AV is not performant isn’t it ? Look at the tests on live malware from the internet it oftens block everything thanks to cloud tech i.e Norton Insight and ProActive (SONAR).

sorry, dont understand you… ? explain please?

It was funny. What I meant is that it’s not down to luck. It was down to Default Deny protection and it’s the future of PC security.

“Best security suites… At the other end of the spectrum, Comodo” WRONG

“Best security suites… At the beginning of the spectrum is Comodo” RIGHT

Only one question: (maybe two :slight_smile: )

What happens to your computer if your AntiVirus does NOT recognize a new malware?

How can and Antivirus product get a full score if they cannot prevent a malware they do not recognize from causing damage?

Melih check your pm ;D

:smiley: tests tests tests
by Neil J. Rubenking

Antivirus companies see no threat in the new security mechanisms Win8

Windows Defender - full integrated anti-virus, previously known as Microsoft Security Essentials.

«Microsoft has built into Windows 8 fully installed…» — Anti-Malware - an organization dedicated to advertising Kasperskiy AV, including, testing, anti-virus solutions.
«I fear that with the increasing popularity of the new operating system, independent antivirus vendors will inevitably lose its customer base paid products. Segment of personal users will wring their secure operating systems and free antivirus. It remains to bet on the segment of business users, and gradually migrate to the adjacent segments of the market» — said the expert Anti-Malware

88) [url=http://www.digit.ru/it/20121026/396083596-print.html]proof link[/url]

money money money :wink:

Disaster for both. Very true indeed.

The more I think about CIS the more I think it should be nominated for the “Nobel Prize” (Turing Award). It’s really a revolutionary product. It’s a shame that people misinformed about computer security today.

Anyone know if such SONAR say now works without internet connection?