Best Product For Protecting Users From Phishing Sites

Hello, I’m trying to figure out the best product to protect a user from phishing sites.

This is in addition to the phishing protection built into most modern browsers. I am also advising that people use WOT, which also offers phishing protection. However, I am trying to find a third layer of protection which will help to warn users against phishing websites.

Which service/product do you recommend?

Thank you.

i havent used it in a while but K9 web protection seemed pretty good.

+1 I agree with K9 Web Protection OR you could used BitDefender TrafficLight Browser plug-in add-on see screenshot for details type of protection from BitDefender TrafficLight.

This is what I was previously advising, but it has too many false positives for my taste.

@ wasgij6, I’ll check out k9 web protection.

Any others anyone is aware of? The more I am aware of the better my selection will be. ;D

I tried K9 and found that it drastically slows down YouTube videos. I disabled the Force YouTube Safety Mode, but this has already made me a little wary of this product. Has anyone else had bad experiences with it, or is this likely the only negative issue, assuming I disable most of the filters?

By the way, does anyone know of any other services?

Is NetCraft still good?

I use bitdefender traffic light as speedy said. I find it effective.

I installed it and whenever I try to get that admin console thingy up which I try to open from the start-menu, the application opens for a spit millisecond and then closes… uninstalled.

[at]Chiron I haven’t tried Ad-Aware Security Toolbar Free

Ad-Aware Security Toolbar protects you from dangerous websites. By checking in real-time URL against a constantly updated list of suspected malware and phishing sites, Ad-Aware Toolbar lets you explore the web safely.

I’ll keep on looking and see what I can find and let you know okay :wink:

Edit below:

  1. I’m not sure about McAfee SiteAdvisor Antivirus, VPN, Identity & Privacy Protection | McAfee

  2. Free G Data CloudSecurity – Blocks Known Malware And Phishing Websites

Phishing site protection? Open DNS (PhishTank) is a must have hands down… But again it is already used in some web-browsers and apps (Firefox and WOT, for example).

I would say better give ppl the info about how to check for the phishing sites instead of relying on anything else and always remain alert.

The only time you would need to worry about a phishing site is if you perform online banking or purchase products online where personal financial data will be transmitted so using a toolbar or whatever would seem like overkill to me.
There are ways you can identify a phishing site manually on the site itself.
I never perform financial transactions of any kind on the internet so phishing protection is not needed.

How is Netcraft?

HitmanPro.Alert v2.0.8

Information about HitmanPro.Alert:- HitmanPro Alert: Zero-Day Ransomware Security | HMP Alert

Download 32bit/64bit:-

hitmanpro.alert does not protect from phishing sites it protects from MITM attacks

Netcraft Extension :-TU

Protect your savings from Phishing attacks.
See the hosting location and Risk Rating of every site you visit (as well as other information).
Check if a website supports Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS).