BEST one Ever

Comodo firewall is soo cooooooool. Although I don’t understand all those options Comodo Firewall gives me, I trust Comodo and I’m sure my PC is safe. Keep up the great work and don’t let me down.
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Glad you like it, Havoc!

Here’s a good place to start, to help you understand the firewall a bit better.,6167.0.html This is a locked compilation of tutorials, explanations, etc, regarding the firewall and various programs that users commonly run. Thus, without responses and questions, it’s easier to read thru. Each topic has an embedded link back to the original thread, so you can post any questions you may have.


Thx for the link.

UR welcome.


Great work team.
I refer to CAVS (unofficially using beta 2). I support a school network. The one classroom (thankfully isolated on their own network segment) was infected by the Brontok virus on Friday. They don’t have an anti-virus running, and anre not online. Seems a flash-drive started the infection.

Internet searches showed Trends solution - boot with cd, recover, delete a host of files etc etc. really long winded stuff. I decided to just load CAVS2 and HEY :slight_smile: it threw up warnings about all the virus processes which I just blocked and was then able to scan and delete the infection. Just the manual fixin up of the registry was left, but at least the infection was gone. saved a re-installation of 30 machines.

Well done on a great product.

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The best firewall I have used yet.
Great work!

As a new forum member and a week long user of CPF, I’d like to THANK all concerned with the program and its introduction as a FREE Firewall however, trust is another matter and if you can gain that from myself…well congratualations, you’ll deserve it.


Trust. Hmm… We’ll do what we can! :slight_smile:


I completely agree. I was with ZA (Free version) for a while till I started having problems with ZA when my PC came online from Standby mode. Couldn’t quite figure out what was happening but just dumped it. Went to Norton for a couple of years (free after rebate) dumped it when they asked me for a large amount (annual subscription). Still have McAfee in a box never opened (free after rebate deal) will be giving it away at the in my area. I then went with MS One Care (didn’t really care much for it but stuck with it for a year). Voila I then found COMODO, it has been about two or three months with COMODO products and I’m very happy with it. Basically it is a free product and hats off to everyone (developers and the community of helpers and users alike).



Always wondered what CAVS would do if plopped down in the middle of a virus infected machine. Now I know.


This is a great example of how HIPS functionality built into an AV product has helped a user…

thank you for this post, very enlightening.