Best modified firefox browser?

While we wait for the new updated icedragon to arrive, what firefox browsers can we use in the meantime? The browsers i know of:

  1. Firefox
  2. Waterfox
  3. Palemoon
  4. Cyberfox
  5. IceDragon

The one i use now is waterfox 64bit for windows, very fast and stable.

Wich one are the best for privacy and security? Any tips?

Original and custom !
Few addons and some magic in about:config and i have 9 greens in Elon Musk still believes in Twitter’s success: “All’s well that ends well” security test.
Try all of them and see for your self

I have tried some of them and my choice would be Palemoon.

Want to share some tips in about:config? I havent modified anything, i have also installed original firefox :slight_smile:

Cyberfox is great.

After trying out all the browsers, i see that no one is really secure…

Im doing the security test Mark1 suggested and all browsers failed on alot of stuff.

So in other words i dont see firefox and modded firefox browsers really secure at all? If you dont know how to set them up for maximum security.

We need a firefox browser that already after install have these settings configured, i think.

2 fungus303:
Here is my config for FF


Adblock edge

Self-destruct cookie


Flash player config
Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash, open it in some editor mms.cfg (notepad will be enough)
paste and save (overwrite existing file)


Then in about:config in FF do this

in search write google and right click modify, and then delete all text. Do this for all google strings there are lots of them.
You will also find there search page for google. You can leave that if you use google, but as i dont use google i dont have it.


This is mine for example (once again i don’t use google)

Then type - Right click and toggle
browser.cache.disk.enable - Right click and toggle
browser.cache.memory.enable - Right click and toggle
browser.sessionhistory.max_entries to 2 - Right click and toggle
network.http.sendRefererHeader Modify to 0 (zero)

Edited image-links. JoWa

Thanks. Im now running latest original firefox beta.

Im running zenmate and no script, self destrucing cookies, better privacy. ublock, ghostery, privacy badger, referrer control. And also some tweaks in about:config like turn off cache disk and memory. Also in plugins i have set shockwave to ask for activation. So i can set it per page. Here i think no script helps too. Beacuse flash can bypass proxy to show my real IP adress, when i use a VPN.

Now i get 7 green things in the jondo test.

No mention of SeaMonkey ?

Setting these values under About:Config will also harden Mozilla based browsers from a privacy standpoint -

dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled - False

geo.enabled - False

network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer - False

network.prefetch-next - False

toolkit.telemetry.enabled - False

Thanks for the tip! Will config these now.

How does seamonkey work? And does it work well with noscript?

Let’s keep the thread alive! Keep posting privacy and security tips for firefox and modified firefox browsers!

This is really good tips!

Is there anyway to remove the unique ID (authentication) ? Some kind of addon or something in about:config?

You can mask/change the unique id and operating system by using Random Agent Spoofer . You’ll notice that some of the other/extra features you already changed manually under about:config.

I highly recommend it. I use the settings of random (desktop only) with a time interval of 5 minutes.

Install and test it Here or Here. For testing purposes set the time interval to per request and keep refreshing your browser on the test pages.

Thank you so much. i have installed it and set it to same settings :slight_smile: works great on the test sites.

Check all the options under Headers and try refreshing Here. It makes it appear as your running through a proxy.

This addon is not only good for privacy but for security. Say you visit a malicious website and that tries to run a exploit. If it shows your running Internet explorer 10 or Chrome 33 then that’s what will be targeted. Even if they have a known exploit against your real browser your safe. Because it will not know what to target.

The user manual for the GitHub version - User Manual · dillbyrne/random-agent-spoofer Wiki · GitHub

Thanks! :slight_smile: Everything is working and i now have the latest github version installed. As i see it, this is a must have addon for firefox browsers, one that comodo should have preinstalled after installing icedragon. I dont know if thats possible, but it would be a great addon for everyone with preconfigured settings. The more privacy and security, the better!