Best Firewall settings for Zoom meetings?

I noticed Zoom won’t connect on the basic Web Browser preset.

Once I just updated it attempted to connect to over 125 ports. Before that it connected on 6 ports and I just OKed each one.

What are the safest presets for it? Has anyone built a list?


Just leave it as is without setting any rules at all? You don’t need to do anything specific to get it to work, just set it to outgoing only or better yet delete the application rule entirely and let it work on its own without forcing a preset of rules on it.

If I leave it as it is, it doesn’t connect at all. If I set it as Webbrowser is doesn’t connect. If I set it as Trusted Application I feel naked to whatever it could be downloading in the background on my secure ports. I did the latter where I allowed connections piecemeal but it ended up translating to just letting everything in and out. I don’t particularly trust zoom and I read an article on Tom’s Guide giving me a reason why not to.

Here’s an example of what I mean.;msg808454#msg808454 Coincidentally it was in response to a post I wrote but I couldn’t find the thread where people were discussing preset rules for flash. Aim4it answers the question.