Best combination

i’m trying to get the best free protection for my computer and i already have avast and mallwarebytes and i was thinking about putting comodo internet security in the mix, but i don’t know if it will work with the other two programs.
it would be great if someone could help me out and give me tips.
i’m using windows 7 64-bit.

thank you in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I assume you have the free version of Malwarebytes, which is an on demand scanner only?

Running more than 2 firewalls or Antivirus scanners simultaneously is not recommened. They have the tendency to conflict with each other.

Are you running the version of avast that includes the firewall, or just the antivirus?
If you are running just the AV on avast, you can install just the Firewall portion of CIS if you would like to keep avast as your scanner.

You can also get rid of avast and install the complete CIS (antivirus + firewall).

If you are running the avast version that includes the firewall, you should uninstall that before installing CIS or revert to the Anti virus only if you plan to use COMODO firewall.

Avast + Comodo Firewall is a great combo, especially for novices. The total CIS package is more secure, but not as user friendly (still easy to use, but not as easy as avast + a firewall).

I don’t mean to hijack this thread but it is related.

I am also using Avast (AV only) along with the FREE Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware (on demand only). I downloaded Comodo firewall and chose “firewall only” when installing. I also disabled Windows Firewall. After installing Comodo, I see in its’ interface, that the Network Defense, Proactive Defense, and Defense + components are installed. Aren’t these the components that can interfere with real-time protection of Avast free?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Proactive/Defense+ is not an AV. It is installed with CIS if you choose to install either the AV, Firewall, or both. It is a HIPS (host intrusion prevention system). It does not interfere with antiviruses. In fact, if you are experienced enough, you do not even need an AV. It can be disabled if you wish.

The Defense+ component of Comodo Internet Security (hereafter known simply as Defense+) is a host intrusion prevention system that constantly monitors the activities of all executable files on your PC. With Defense+ activated, the user is warned EVERY time an unknown application executable (.exe, .dll, .sys, .bat etc) attempts to run. The only executables that are allowed to run are the ones you give permission to.

The Sandbox functionality of Defense+ allows you to run suspicious and unknown executables in an isolated environment to safeguard your system from the adverse effects of those executables. This is useful for software testers and users interested in testing out the new software available over Internet. For more details refer to Sandbox Operations.

Defense+ also protects against data theft, computer crashes and system damage by preventing most types of buffer overflow attacks. This type of attack occurs when a malicious program or script deliberately sends more data to its memory buffer than that the buffer can handle. It is at this point that a successful attack can create a back door to the system through which a hacker can gain access. The goal of most attacks is to install malware onto the compromised PC whereby the hacker can reformat the hard drive, steal sensitive user information, or even install programs that transform the machine into a Zombie PC. For more details refer Image Execution Control Settings.

Defense+ boasts a highly configurable security rules interface and prevents possible attacks from root-kits, inter-process memory injections, key-loggers and more. It blocks Viruses, Trojans and Spyware before they can ever get installed on your system and prevents unauthorized modification of critical operating system files and registry entries.

The Defense+ Task Center allows you to quickly and easily configure all aspects of Defense+ and is divided into three sections: Common tasks, Sandbox Tasks and Advanced tasks.
It can be accessed at all times by clicking on the Defense+ link from the navigation panel.