Best Buy, Staples, etc

Every Now and Then I Go to Best Buy and any other electronic store, and i just look around the products they have, and sometimes i see people that are looking for a security product, and what i do is,
step 1: Introduce Who I Am
step 2: Bring up the future of security
step 3: introduce Comodo
step 4: show them tests that comodo has been as well as media releases(Eye On America, etc.)
step 5: get contact info
step 6*: set up comodo products for them (For free)

  • if the customer allows me to 75% yes

and if they are looking for a repair i tell them that i will do it for free :slight_smile:
so it saves them $60 (Avg Security Products) + $120 (Avg Repair Fee) = $180

I thank comodo for being so determined in the Idea of “Trusted Internet”



Thats what I call initiative!