BES10 Cloud Market Preivew and Free email cert

I’m using a free email certificate with the market preview BES10 Cloud blackberry product with a Blackberry 10 handset (Q10). To set up I had to install the certificates on the BES10 server to push to the BB10 phone. I’ve done that and am able to sign and encrypt email and exchange signed and encrypted email with others. My question is that I think I must have missed something in my setup because on the BB10 device when I look at any signed email and click on the S/MIME properties it shows the following: “The signature was successfully verified” - “The certificate chain is trusted” - but then it says “The certificate status is unknown”. I’m able to use the certificate this way for sending/receiving email but it warns me each time that I have this error. Any idea what I missed in my BES10 certificate setup?