Behavior Blocker

First of all Defense+ is not a Behavior Blocker.
To understand what is a Behavior Blocker and what is the differeces with an HIPS read this:

Comodo Internet Security should integrate a Behavior Blocker, like Mamutu, ThreatFire, or Norton Antibot. This will add another security layer to CIS.
CIS=Antivirus(heuristic)+Firewall+HIPS+Behavior Blocker

Them CIS will be almost perfect ;D

I think the CIS team is planning to add the CAMAS/CIMA engine into CIS later on. This will be (I think) something like a Behavior Blocker.

What means exactly CAMAS/CIMA???

Comodo Instant Malware Analysis


But this is an online service…

Right now it is but CIS team is planning to add CIMA engine into CIS later.


I know, it runs the possible malware and can tell if it is doing something suspicious. They will take this part of this engine and put it in CIS.

Am ok, in this case comodo can be interested in they can add their engine to virus total.
Virus total get a lot of malware every days (30.000 files/day).

They already haw but Virus Total has not listed Comodo AV yet…
I think Comodo already gets samples from VT. I’m not 100% sure about this…
You need to ask Melih about this


VT needed win2k capable scanner… we had to redo it for him… soon we should be there hopefull…


I like the idea.

It would be great to have a behavior blocker set, just in case a user makes a bad decision with D+.

For some may not make sense, but it is a handy tool for so many people. But would be great to see one that truly is smart and practically needs no human interaction.

Anyway, just a idea.

Best regards

LOL. Sorry about what?


A behavior blocker would be great but it would be in Def+ and it would be a seperate stand alone product incase people dont want the firewall, antivirus, etc. So a bb and a hips in one and we would have the choice to stop or lower the power in the bb or hips. One can dream right? :’(

this topic is alrealy opsolete
BB is alrealy implemented in D+ cloud, i think this post should be closed

edit: but will be good to have it in offline

Great! The D+ should become a stand alone product then ;D

“Already”… since when & how ?! ???
Then, what do you mean by “D+ cloud” ? Is it a new term ? There is no such thing

No, BB is not implemented neither in Defense+ (the latter is pure HIPS - nothing like BB)
nor in the Cloud (that’s a scanner - not a BB by any means)
Even artificially combined as meaningless phraseology, the way you’ve done that or physically as it works now -
that cannot possibly be a substitution for Behavioural Blocker
CIMA is something that can come “remotely closer” (making funny phrases deliberately) but again cannot be considered being BB as well.


Hi disinter1,

There are many discussions about BB in the forum which are more recent than this thread indeed and that is a matter of searching the forum
No, I don’t think so Defense+ will not become a standalone ever,

but The Behavioral Blocker as a standalone product should be released as the developers promised and there were no announcements yet that they have changed their plans in this regard.


Hi fileextension , welcome to the forum

Sure, and you can try Emsisoft Mamutu - it is the best currently on the market
It is not free but worth it
Anyway it costs you nothing to have 30 days trial in order to get acquainted & have a feeling what it means - “having strong standalone BB”

… and then … When & If Comodo will eventually deliver promised goody :wink: you can compare & choose the right one

My regards

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