Unlike other antispam software CAS can give you a close to 100% spam free email client. But the current version of CAS does benefit from careful installation and set-up. Comodo is working on these issues - meanwhile here are some tips:

Before you install (preferably). If not as soon as possible after:

  • check if you need to filter a Windows live or Hotmail email account, or filter IMAP or MS Exchange accounts. CAS does not currently work with these services. Service compatability updates here.
  • if your email client sends and receives automatically, set it to do this no more frequently than every 15 minutes, and only filter the email accounts you need to.
  • if your email client or server is set to store already downloaded messages on the server, and you can dispense with this facility, do so.
  • if you are running Windows XP disable the SSDP discovery service and the Universal Plug And Play service. Navigate: ControlPanel - Admin tools – Services – Double click each service and press button to disable. More at (3.) here.
  • Check whether you are running or using any of the following which conflict with CAS: Comodo EasyVPN or Trusteer Rapport (conflicts under XP - workaround here); Corporate antivirus from Symantec/Norton (work-around here). Conflict updates here.

During installation

  • Don’t enable automated spam filtering when installing. Instead, after installation, enable the ‘assisted manual’ policy described here to give you the time to build your whitelists and then then think whether you want a more automated filtering policy. Re this decision, see the post here, and the two posts after it.
  • Don’t worry about distribution lists aka ‘reflectors’. Most people don’t need this facility and if you do you can always define them later. More detail here.

After installation please consult the FAQ if you have any problems. There are many more tips and much more detail in the FAQ here!

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