Be careful about Comodo

I’m sorry, but i LOLed a little bit while watching

He is a little bit obsessed with “spyware” I guess.

Whew, I LOLed a lot on that one. Very funny…

I wish I could have a Google account to comment: “Get a life man, you know?”
This guy really doesn’t know what he is talking about. LOL + LOL + LOL + LOL + LOL

I laughed a lot when he says: “HA HA! We are free of al the non-sense (phew)” in a tone like he recoded CIS in order to get rid of what he doesn’t like to have enabled.

Sorry I couldn’t make it past one minute. :-\

So you probably missed when he says that PrivDog is spyware? :smiley: ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

I did miss it. Using a camera to capture a monitor; having that music in the background; not explaining why not to install the things he so quickly dismisses, at least up to the one minute mark. The combination just makes me cringe.


We build a security product to protect him from all the unknown servers he connects to when surfing the internet without him realizing this is happening…he calls it spyware…very funny :slight_smile:

Maybe spyware is becoming safe now? Could be. >:-D

Hahaha… ;D What he said ? Privdog is Spyware ;D I am still laughing ;D ;D
I am sure he is using Google and its softwares that spy him without being noticed 88) and another ads and threats that showing itself nice something :wink:
Comodo maybe know what I use in my computer, I convinced with their aim, it is a security product that creating trust online. :-TU
Maybe the other vendors do those things, is he know ? I dont think so 88)

HAHAHA thanks for sharing that… ;D

Shall I merge it with CIS Certifications, Test Results & Reviews? (:WIN)

This guy is a disgrace for my country… (:SAD) (:WIN) (:WAV)

I think I LOLed more with this comment than with the video (:CLP) (:CLP)

This is just hilarious, Can’t wait til he finds out what Privdog really is.


LOL’s ;D

He clearly got it wrong. Acer spyware. All other programs spyware. Microsoft/Windows spyware. Internet spyware. Anything else? LOL!

Well, it borders on paranoia although I do agree that the installer’s incredibly huge, asks to install dragon by default, use the DNS by default, use PrivDog by default, and GeekBuddy, too.

Here are my contentions:

  1. I would much rather that the installer asks me to install these things after installing the security program. I mean, wasn’t that the reason I downloaded it, anyway? If I got it from Comodo, I would have seen dragon and would have been curious (the name’s awesome by the way).

  2. Although we may benefit from the security your DNS provides, it may not be what I’m looking for. The DNS may significantly slow down the network which is incredibly annoying if I may be frank.

  3. The GeekBuddy isn’t free. It shouldn’t be a part of what you would install if we were looking for something free. Suggest it when we encounter a problem or something.

  4. PrivDog…well…I get it, win-win right? Avoiding harmful ads while letting the website make money. It’s just distracting that’s all. Ads are ads, and I just hate ads. Too much visual noise.

As good as the product is, it’s no excuse for the uhm…trouble, I suppose, it causes.

On a better note, Comodo’s doing a rather fine job with it’s firewall and some of its products and services. Admittedly, however, I no longer avail of any of them with the exception of IceDragon.

Do you agree in the “fact” that PrivDog is a toolbar with spyware? “If you visit adult sites, COMODO will know it. If you use hack tools, COMODO will know it”. ;D

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That was pretty funny. I found adware in my CIS folder, but it wasnt CIS fault. It was W32 rotbrow dropping it in a random folder, Which CIS was disabled with avast being my antivirus, And it installed it to CIS so it wouldnt pick it up.

This guy is a misinformed idiot. But its so misinformed its hilarious.

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