BBC Media Playback will not go to Full Screen


The BBC Video Playback will not switch to Full Screen. Even in normal mode, it doesn’t fit properly. This works fine in Google Chrome…


Please run Dragon without extensions and see if the issue reproduces.
If the issue still occurs please add the details specified here. Consider adding a couple of screenshots as well.

Thank you.

Well for me I’m using Comodo Dragon Beta.
And I can get the full screen of the Video, with no issues. So the problem looks likes it’s the lining up on the screen.

This Bug could be the BBC Media Player ???

I ran my test with all my Extensions turned On. I also have all my plugin-ins running within Dragon.

I did the same test for everything off as in Extensions!

So I re tested it and I got the same problem

So here is a screenshot of what I got.

I hope it helps


[attachment deleted by admin]

With the Screenshot you see, The screen looks to far up, and it shows a gap under the video. Most Videos from the BBC Media Player run with no big gap under the bottom like that screen shot

Anyway hope this helps