Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2

Has anyone made any progress on getting either one of these working iwth CPF?

At least with Zonealarm when the game got stuck I could press Alt-R and Alt-A to Remember and Allow. I don’t know what to do with CPF under Allowing All. And then, of course, Windows Security Center complains.

See Screenshot. Works for BF2

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That seems to work for 2 and 1942. Thanks.

Same here thanks.

I may have spoke too soon. Yesterday BF2 locked up on me and I had to reboot.

BF1942 then stopped but I was able to Alt-Tab and respond to CPF several popups for programs that I know I’ve allowed previously. BF1942 was fine after that.

Tried BF2 again. This time I Alt-Tabbed and told CPF, again, that BF1942 was OK.

Having to allow the same program again and again is getting old.

As I said earlier, these two rules actually worked for me. You may need to set Learning on.

I think I have learning on (I’ll check when I get home). I haven’t changed anything since the default installation.

The rules for BF1942 seem to work OK except if CPF decides to prompt me about some other program.

I’m assuming that you actually created 2 similar rules for BF2. For all I know CPF was prompting me for something else when BF2 locked up.

I only play BF2. I also went out of way to go the BF2 folder and added all the EXE’s to my app list.

If you go to advanced/misc./configure and put the slider on the lowest setting (very low), and also check both the loopbacks and "don’t show alerts for… "
Then go to application monitor and “allow all activites for this (bf2) application” and “skip parent” and check “allow invisible …” and “skip advanced sec…”. You should hopefully get rid of the popups… Don’t worry about security, because i have run all leaktests i could find, and i passed all of them. ;D

I did not have all of these things checked but struck me as funny is that the firewall allowed everythinng to go through and I wondered if I tested BF2 this way. I then followed your instructions and started up BF2. Not a poblem and it worked fine. Thanks.