.bat file getting Sandboxed

EDIT: Never mind just found it


I have Commodo Firewall 5.12.256249.2599

I’m using a software that are GPSBabel for some of it’s work, fort that it generates a bat-file. I’m importing 50+ gpx-files and for import of each gpx-file a bat-file is generated and each bat file are sandboxed which slows things down quite a bit, it really doesn’t help mark a bat file for trusted at they are different, when clicking trough the faq for Defence+ v5 I get to point A.iii, wiche says

If this does not work, this is likely because the program is being frequently updated. In this case when making the file trusted tick the box on the file selection dialog which says 'use file names not file hashes'.

I can’t see that check box.

What are my option, right it look like disabling Defence+ permanently.


Try giving the executable that produces the batch files the Installer/Updater policy. With this policy all child programs that are created will be allowed to run without restrictions. That may do the trick.