Basic vs Full [RESOLVED]


I wonder what the difference between the versions of Comodo 3:

– Basic protection leak
– Complete with defense+ full enabled

And i want to know whether choosing the basic option is to change after the complete without needing to reinstall the program.

Thank you

Basic Firewall+Leak Protection= Some leak protection & the Network Firewall.
Basic Firewall= Just Network Firewall.
Firewall & Defense+= Everything, including malware protection.

You can switch between Defense+ & The Firewall after installation. Just disable D+ or leave it on; which is recommended to fight malware and have more control over your apps, including 100% leak protection.


Thank you,

I install here the version Basic Firewall + Leak Protection.
How i change this to the Firewall & Defense+ ? Where i change ?


Defense+\Advanced\Defense+ Settings & Change to Safe Mode.


Thanks again

And in Monitor Settings tab, i change something ? There are some field without marks.

Thanks :-TU

To check that your running Defence+ fully(ie not network security) have a look under Miscellaneous/Manage my Configurations/Select.
There are two options,the one you are using has a tick next to it.For full D+ you need to have “optimum security” ticked and greyed out(may require a re-boot)
In the “Monitor settings” tab all boxes should be ticked.


Thank you Matty_R,

I understand how to work the two versions of Comodo.
It’s cool to know that can change between the two versions of Comodo, without having to reboot.

Thanks to all who helped me.

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