Basic how to block/unblock question

Hi folks,

Please bear with me, I’m new to trying to understand firewalls, usually I just let them do their thing.

I have some progs that for some reason will not work while Comodo FW is on. If I disconnect from the net and turn it off they work fine.

I also have some progs that seem to keep connecting to the net but don’t need to.

I assume there’s a block in comodo that stops some progs accessing certain files as well as accessing the net, which stops them working.

I’ve tried looking at trusted/blocked apps and rule sets but I get a bit confused.

Is is possible to simply set an app to have access to everything it might need but just block it from the net?

Where do I check this and set it?


Quickest way to do what you want is to -

  1. Dis-connect from the network
  2. Change the Firewall and Defense+ (HIPS if you have the active) to Training Mode and check for each to “Create rules for safe applications”
  3. Run your programs and check that they operate properly
  4. Close your programs and then change the Firewall and Defense+ back to Safe Mode (also un-check the “Create rules for safe applications”)
  5. Rules for letting your programs work should now be listed in the Defense+ > HIPS > Ruleset and Firewall > Application Rules.

You can edit the Firewall Application Rules to block the internet access.

Great thanks. That helps.

I’ve learned a bit how it all works in the meantime too.

One more problem:

I have an app that works with Comodo’s Firewall disabled, but it doesn’t boot when I enable it in training mode as you suggest or safe mode.

I don’t entirely trust it so I put a Block and log all requests (IP any address). I thought all this would do is block it accessing the internet in any way.

Is it stopping it accessing it’s own files or something too? Is there a ‘milder’ setting I could try that would still stop it accessing the net?