Basic firewall setup

I just wanted to know what the best settings would be for Comodo, for someone who doesn’t know anything about firewalls?
I’m setting up my Mom’s laptop and I would like her to have Comodo, without all the constant pop-ups asking her things.


(btw, why are these forums so confusing and scattered, sheeesh :P)

You found the right board. :-TU

Assuming you are planning to use v4. The default configuration is eerily quiet these days. So it is worth the experiment with your mother.

What I would do is to install the firewall and fire up one by one all the programs she regularly uses so CIS will make rules for it. When done with that close all these applications and check the My Pending Files list. This list will contain unknown files which in the default set up will be sandboxed. The ones you know and trust move them to My Own Safe Files. (when files are moved from My Pending to My Own Safe Files you need to restart the applications to unsandbox them).

Tell her when a sandbox alert comes to simply allow it and when she gets a buffer overflow to terminate.

On a side note. Sometimes the BO protection will alert when an application has a buffer overflow error and there is no exploit to abuse it. In that case you can skip the alert. I have seen reports with either Microsoft Excel or Access (2003?) giving the alert; when you know the computer is clean add these programs to the exception list. Remember, buffer overflow is just a common error that is often used in exploits but in the end is just an error. And CIS will find it…:wink: