Based on Kespersky?


Trustix antivirus was based off of the Kespersky antivirus engine and definitions. Since Comodo Antivirus is replacing Trustix Antvirus I would like to know if Comodo Antivirus is also based on the Kespersky engine and definitions.

Thats a very good question,please answer and can you tell me if cav is about to participate in the famous tests for on demand and on acess tests like av comparatives,vbulletins,benchmark etc,it could be great if it had some awards detecting and remooving all the viruses in the wild like nod or avast…The website why doesn’nt refers to the latest threats???

First of all, CAV is not based on kaspersky engine. I would like to think we have studied all some of other AV products and made sure we designed a really powerful AV engine ourselves. Its a pure Comodo AV Engine :slight_smile:

Website: As was the case previously, you might have noticed that our R&D dept is always way ahead our marketing dept :-). We are simply too eager to deliver our software to public, marketing has a hard time keeping up with us. So, at some stage they will catch on :-).


Hi, a question, the database is from Kaspersky? Melih told that the engine was Comodo´s, and about the virus database, as being a new antivirus and having 170,000+ virus, is it from Kaspersky (the database)?
I´m starting to like this antivirus! Still giving it a test.

We have been working for almost 2 years on this baby! Please submit us as many viruses as you can so that we can keep improving it.