Base Line Profile

I want to create a base profile for Windows 7 x64.

This is what I mean.


I would like to block all default connections that windows 7 attempts, periodically or constantly.
I would to enable LAN discovery and traffic.


I would like all window’s default functions to be allowed.

svchost.exe or rundll32.exe for instance. I want all system .dll’s registered and functional.

My reasoning is that, when or if I get a virus onto my computer I want to be able to go in and delete the virus’s dll file from either of those executables
If there are other windows executables which host dll files for other applications I would appreciate filling me in on them so I can look them up and learn their purposes.

Does anybody have a suggestion for how to accomplish this? Perhaps even somebody has already done this?

So long as I get some help doing this I intend to put the file up somewhere, if I could export the config and place it directly on the forum I will else I will put it up onto mediafire and post the info but presumably not link to it(I would imagine that would be within forum guidelines; I am assuming that download links or possibly links in general are not permitted.)

edit: I have already re-posted once because I realized it was in an entirely incorrect board… but if there is a more efficient place for this particular thread could a mod move it there for me?