Bart PE Plug-in and CAVS3

 I was recently trying to make a BartPE boot cd when I noticed that there seemed to be a lack of official plugins for the anti-virus I was using (Avira Antivir Free) as well as any decent cd/dvd burning programs.  Frustration ensued and I gave up.

 With this is mind, once Comodo CAVS3 is released maybe the devs could look into making an official plug-in for BartPE.  I know I would like to have CAVS3 in my rescue boot cds.


Yeah! Me too! (:NRD)

I think BartPE is a bit old now. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s been superseded by WinBuilder: It is really easy to use and the interface is much improved on the disk itself. It even has the option to do a BartPE build. There are loads of plugins, just go to the forums here: for all tutorials and scripts. There are several AntiVirus scripts for the VistaPE builder alone. :slight_smile: There is even a script builder so you can make your own scripts very easily. I made my own for some disk recovery tools. You can even use BartPE plugins to some extent. :smiley: I made a VistaPE disk from WinBuilder and it is sweet.

So, if there are PE plugins made, make some for WinBuilder as well. :smiley: I will post screen shots in a bit.

As promised, here are some screenies. :smiley:

Screen 01: This is the boot menu if you choose to have Grub4Win installed. The two Linux Distros are optional, but they are good to have, especially Partition Magic clone. :wink:

Screen 02: This is VistaPE booting up. It actually loads fast … even though it’s Vista based.

Screen 03: This is the actual environment. The shell is Explorer, but you can set BS Explorer as default if you want. I am use to MS Windows Explorer, so I chose that. I have my mouse cursor over Avira. :wink:

Screen 04: The Start Menu.

Screen 05: TrueCrypt 6.0a. :smiley:

Screen 06: Speaks for itself.

Screen 07: Rebooted into Parted Linux. This is the default screen.

Screen 08: The heart and soul of Parted Linux: GParted. That’s really just about all that is on this Linux Distro save for a few apps. It’s mainly used to move/resize/edit/delete/create partitions of all types including popular ones for linux and even NTFS for Windows. I made the NTFS partition with this and then installed WinXP in the Virtual Machine.

Screen 09: The bootup of SliTaz Linux. It’s a small Distro that is very fast. It detects your Sound card and it worked in the Virtual Machine without any configuration.

Screen 10 and 11: Some more SliTaz Linux.

Some of the features I show in the screen shots need the Vista DVD, like explorer, but you can make a VistaPE or XP CD with the WAIK free from Microsoft.

The size of the CD with all these features is 415 MB. I have loads of room for more apps. I just need to figure out what I want on the disc. I will have more as soon as I take some stuff off like Total Commander. It needs a license that I don’t have.

Oh, in the screen shots of the desktop where there is the GetDataBack icons, those are the scripts I made. It was relatively easy once I read the manual. :stuck_out_tongue:


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 No wonder there are no new plugins for BartPE.  Then if it is indeed superseded by Winbuilder, then by all means I hope the devs will consider making a plugin/script for CAVS3 once it is out.  I'll be checking out WinBuilder then.  Thanks!


WinBuilder allows building of XP and Vista PEs just read the docs carefully. :stuck_out_tongue: I had no idea where to begin for the XP building because there are several options NativeEX, LiveXP, and so on. People really like XP still. VistaPE is the only WinBuilder project that deals with Vista. I love the VistaPE environment though – there’s no UAC or other annoying VIsta crap … almost wish I can install it to the hard drive. cough That would be nice.

Oh, did I mention read the docs? :stuck_out_tongue: Just double checking. It really is a bit confusing at times.

Hmmm. Tomorrow, I think I might capture some installs of Comodo products and I might make the scripts. Depends on how it goes. The only thing I need to know is if Vista and XP x86 installs of Comodo products are different. Though, having the original files and install scripts would make it easier since the files would not be in the self contained installer and the install scripts describe where everything goes. :slight_smile: I have experience making scripts now, so I could get the ball rolling. :slight_smile: I would need to ask on the forums some more advanced options first. Like 7-Zip extraction … I ramble too much, so I end it here.


Not that I am aware of. You are logged into a admin account with full admin privileges. I think it is the Administrator account, which doesn’t have UAC. I think you can create an account and that might have UAC. Something to try out. :slight_smile: Remember, you are taking a 12 gig install and compressing it to about 400 megs. :stuck_out_tongue: Not everything can be there. You can ask on the forums if there is a way to get more features in. I think all you need to do as just write a simple script that adds in the needed system dlls and you will have those features. Maybe even the needed registry keys too. If you work at it, I believe you can get the full capability of Vista including UAC. Ask in the VistaPE section of the WinBuilder forums. Those people know it inside and out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Off topic , can’t get WinBuilder to build LiveXP that work , keeps failing in the boot with a dll.

So I’ll keep on using Ultimate Boot CD for Windows ( ) , this works far better for me.

It can boot from USB:

Or did I read wrong?

I contacted Kevin about the installation procedure of BoClean on different OSes, like XP and Vista, registry keys, and updating to make the plugin really good. :smiley: He is on vacation, so I don’t know when I will get the info.