Banners for CIS Free

There are “new” banners for CFW, CAV and CIS Pro, but not for CIS Free. :-\

This old banner is still available, though (but not on the page):

Will new banners for CIS Free be made?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Any update on this do you know? (OP or Comodo Staff).

A long time has passed since this was posted, and just checked, still no update?! Any chance on some sort of banners which show the free version, and various eye catching ways of making Comodo stand out. This would not require a great deal of time for your team to make and update now and again, in order for us fellow Comodo Users (forum users) to spread the love via Avatars and banners in all other places we use, so without too much effort other people can notice and check out Comodo.

Looking forward to your reply.

No banners for CIS Premium, CIS Complete, CIS Plus, CAV Plus, CAV Advanced… 88)

Is there no logos or images for CIS Pro and all te others versions of CIS?