Banner needed

I am looking for a small banner, similar to the Comodo Authentic & Secure banner in size, that I can place on my web site to indicate that we use the Comodo e-mail certificates so if someone receives an e-mail allegedly from one of our staff, they can tell if it is real or spam by whether the certificate is attached.

I do not want a banner that promotes directly a Comodo product, such as the banners touting the free Comodo firewall. I was thinking of something along the lines of Our E-mail is Authenticated by Comodo or Our E-mail has the Comodo Certificate or even something more clever than that. But simple and direct.

If anyone has something like that that they would be willing to share, I would appreciate it.

I want some banners of Comodo firewall V3 .


yea i would like the pro 3 banners as well. :SMLR (L)

Errrr… guys, read the stickies please

here ya go


I don’t think that was what rhadin had in mind. I think rhadin wanted something custom in the sense when someone visits there site it says protected and authenticated by Comodo firewall or something to that nature, the banners listed in the link are advertisement banners…!

that is what i would like to have to but the only thing that i have seen is dated and like you said a sells type thing. :THNK

Well, the only other I could find not using ads are these

It’s indeed a bit strange they don’t have a normal CFP 3 banner


what i would like to have is one thats in the corner like it is on this website. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the best you pm Melih about it, I don’t know if there are any others…