banner in browser triggers: TCP bootp(67); why?

When I go to this webpage;pc
one of the ads/items seems to trigger a popup with CFP, saying that the browser is trying to contact the internet at bootp(67). Isn’t that a broadcast related to DHCP? Why the heck would an ad or banner (looks like Flash) be causing DHCP traffic? This smells fishy. Can anyone enlighten me? Is this normal?

The ad/feature causing this is a little movie player on the right hand side, which points to
(but it seems it must be loaded as part of the page to work; I guess it checks referrer) I’m fairly sure this is the bugger causing the popup because the popup is triggered when I scroll the page and this player first becomes visible. Also, when I block that player (by blocking that exact URL in Opera browser), the popup doesn’t trigger.