Banking site security - green address bar.

Since updating to 29.0 the security green address bar now only covers the first part of the HTTPS address,where before it went right across to the padlock, this is on the same banking site i use.
I am using XP.


Are you able to provide a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you.

Hi George-Silviu Blendea,
RedStriker1 is talking about the the security bar for secure EV verified sites.
Screenshot showing the difference between V28 and V29.
The green bar is now cut off at the start of the site address.
This has changed from the Chromium base as far as I know.

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Yes thats right captainsticks, its still as secure i take it?

AFAIK it is by design now, to only highlight the organizations name.
George-Silviu Blendea may confirm this.
Website settings-Support Google


I wasn’t able to find any information regarding this change in Chromium, but the behavior is the same as in Dragon.
Given the similarity and scope of the behavior I would say that this is the new correct functionality.


Chromium/Chrome has never had a green address-bar for EV-certificates, that was unique to Dragon.

Edit: Added image of Dragon 6.0 and Chrome 6.0.

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Thanks George-Silviu Blendea and JoWa. :slight_smile: