Banking Services Defunct / F-Fox?

Because of changes to their websites I can no longer use banking services with two banks I use, Lloyds & BBVA. With BBVA I cannot even send money transfers using the Transferwise service because CID is not compatible with the BBVA verification pop-up window that needs to authorise the transfer process.

I don’t want to use a google browser or change operating system to use m-soft edge. If I download F-fox will I risk having CID files over-written? What are the consequences? Or is it safe to use both CID & F-fox on the same laptop?

Hi, Justin P Brown! Thank you for the feedback.

You can use Firefox and Icedragon on the same computer. Additionally, you can also try to use this extension in Icedragon:

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]

Thanks for your reply. The browser extension you suggested hasn’t worked with access the BBVA website. I still cannot access my account or, for example, change the language. But I have been able to do so with F-fox.

Thank you for your help.