Banking mode.

Here is my idea about Banking Mode.
“Noo, not again…” - maybe a great amount of you thought this way.
Why? For what ‘Banking Mode’?
Really simple question - really simple answer.
What is Phishing ?

Check this out:

Stealing information is also very popular in hacker’s world.

What’s about malware? Yes… it’s siginificat source of stealing banking account information, your ebay password or other sensitive data.

What is Comodo response??

Phishing - none actually? CIS can’t detects that site is fake.(ofkz DNS can).

Stealing data? - yes, but in paid version - i undesrstand.

Malware - it does pretty good job, but…

These days there are a lot of nasty viruses and every day there are a lot of new malware again - some of these can be “smart” - in some way (simillar to mircale, but possible) bypass sandbox, D+ (GpCode can for e.g).

All those tasks can be dangerous to our sensitive informations - acc passwords/logins, credit card number, PIN number, online banking password and many, many others.

Comodo wants to ‘creating trust online’ and it does! But…

There are some programs which Comodo come up with:

-TrustConnect (also free version!),
-Comodo Verification engine (free also).

My idea.
Include “Banking Mode” to CIS.

For what? See above.
Something like game mode, but it will be used to online banking, online shopping and other risk processes. How it will be works?

When you will enter into banking mode, CIS:

  1. kill ALL processes running in Sandbox (manual and automatic) - Comodo sandbox is strong, but might has some Vulnerabilities - as anything made by human (nothing is ideal). I found a malware (already sent to egemen, which can bypass sandbox), so, as you can see:
    Some malware running in sandbox (especially on deafult settings) might provide potential risk. There aren’t any exception in playing with your money. You must be fully secured and be sure, that nobody(or nothing) can steal they. Kill all unknown processes(keyloggers, viruses) - security level up.

  2. Integrate Comodo Verification engine (it’s really small and light) and switch this on only in banking mode. This smart and great tool verifies the most popular online banking sites, online shops etc.
    So, there is no chance to Phishing (fake site).

  3. TrustConnect (free version). - "You would never intentionally provide a criminal with your personal and private information. They would probably take your information and use it to take whatever they could from you.

Comodo TrustConnect keeps you and your information private, secure, and out of the hands of criminals during your online session" Nothing need to add.

3 simple and small steps for 100% secure online banking and avoid revelation of your sensitive data(your money!).

Three simple steps, which can ‘Creating (more) Trust online’.

This kind of security already is providing by:
-Online Armor,

Want to do online banking safe?? Just switch to CIS and enable banking mode!After all switch to normal mode. Fully secured! :slight_smile:

Sorry for my mistakes. Even i haven’t used translator or dictionary - i’m too lazy >:-D
Thanks for Hubert, he made this pretty good graphic.

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TrustConnect is a very good tool. But… Too slow! There is not enough servers- only in US and GB. When I using this tool in Poland, I can feel how my internet slow down. If there won’t be more servers in Europe, it’s a bad idea to use it at all versions of CIS.
But the rest- +1.

Really? :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t noticed any slow downs…
Maybe… but this will be enable only in Banking mode - not all the time. Few minutes to do online banking, shopping etc.

That’s OK. But are you trying use that tool when you brows internet using hot-spot for example at shopping mall? I try. And i have to turn it off, because www pages are loading 2 times longer than without.

The “Banking mode” should turning on automatically, when you open the bank or shop website.

Isn’t necessary IMO :wink:

But really helpful. Let see what says other Comodo users :stuck_out_tongue:

!ot! what does IMO stand for? Sorry for the off topic question.

Valentin N

It’s the abbreviation for the “In My Opinion”.

Great Idea, A banking mode in CIS, which turns itself on when we visit any banking sites or online purchases.


There are 4 votes for ‘no’ and nobody wrote why?


This whole topic would be a reason to have a AIO product;