Bandwidth Usage Monitor.

The CIS is loaded at the Windows’ startup and sits there monitoring all the connections until you turn off the computer. Why not adding an extra feature that would monitor the bandwidth usage too? Something simple like showing total download and upload amount in MB. Of course it would be nice if a user could have an option of showing the usage by day or by month and showing it in MB or GB.

I believe that a bandwidth monitor would/could be very useful for many users including users with daily and/or monthly limits and users that just want to know how much bandwidth they or their family members use. This information could be available through the Summary tab or even through its own tab. Also for a quick info the daily download/upload usage in MB could be displayed when a user would hover over the Comodo icon in systray.

I realize that there are separate programs that do that but having one program installed to do this job is better than having two. Bandwidth usage is a part of online activity so it is something that could be easily monitored by a firewall and it is relevant to its function.

Your thoughts guys.

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you mean this feature?

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I use NetMeter for that… gives a little graphical display that sits on the edge of your screen.

Yeah, I need the thing like Netlimiter, Netlimiter is very great, but it is not a freeware.

Not exactly… a bandwidth monitor that gives you a general/total bandwidth usage (download/upload) for entire day/week/month. What you have there is a current traffic.

And I’m using NetWorx. The point is to have as less apps running as possible. A firewall loads when your OS is loaded and sits there monitoring everything until your computer is turned off… and above all it has to do with your network/Internet connections, so monitoring bandwidth is something that is relevant to its function.

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Thank you Dennis2. I can’t believe I missed that. I was looking for “add poll” feature at the top of the page and not at the bottom of it.

I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to Bogart the tray icon like that but the big picture I approve.


+1 for integrated total bandwidth usage monitor (and capability to show totals per hour, date and to separate wan and lan traffic)

right now i’m using iTraffic Monitor iTraffic Monitor it uses winpcap to filter out lan traffic.