Bandwidth Shapeing

first of all, GREAT JOB, firewall rocks.

I have only one wish, kind of a plugIN for firewall for Bandwidth Shapeing, like NetLimitter.

thanx in advance.


Another vote for this, and with per application limitation.

that one IS ESSENTIAL, there is no point in shapeing if I can’t limit e.g. torrent, darknet, dc++, skype etc…


At least torrent clients mostly have the integrated ability to limit themselves.

I’ve just remembered another one, limitin’ per application number of simultaneous connection.
I’ve just searched on net and none of apps. is giving that possibility.


yeah. bandwidth limiting. all for it.



Maybe They Will Take The Bandwith Limit From CWT To The Next Level by Adding This Feature Into It?


SIX (6) votes + Belba = SEVEN (7) votes

maybe something happens.


Minus one.

I vote against it.

Why? ???

Then I vote for it… >:-D

Since I almost only uses Firefox on the internet, and some av + comodo that check for updates once in a while.
I don’t feel like I need to limit those since I use broadband and they are not resource intensive like a file torrent.

(sorry for being selfish)… (:NRD)

Would vote yes if they somehow included the option to limit the application in otherways too, ex, Max packet size send/recive, min packet size send/recive. That could make things more secure in a way I think.

Oh ok. I just feel like I have a lot of programs all fighting for bandwidth. :smiley: (And I have a slow connection too)

I think this is nice for people who have trouble with their connection and or people with bandwidth limits (I mean limits set by their ISP’s) or people who have some kind of fair use policy or use dial-up or some other narrow band connection.

Yup, I think this would be a great inclusion in the firewall.
Statistics like bandwidth usage etc would go along well.

To see the network activity and have some statistics I use a small program named NetMeter:
I really like it. Handy and small. Has a transparency feature and a click-through feature to be less obtrusive.

But it has no bandwidth shaping abilities, it’s just a meter.

Yeah I use the netmeter gadget… it is really useful, it shows me my speed, internal/extern ip and most important it shows me how much bandwidth I used today! :wink:

to all of you who want’s to see their traffic, here is another great app.

it’s a bit advance, but those of you who know basics of networking will find their way.



all vote for shaper!!!

Thanks, I downloaded it! I might consider using it…