Bandwidth Management Application

I’d like to see a comodo application which allows one to allot a certain amount of bandwidth to certain applications. Also, it could manage the amount of traffic between different points on a network. It would be helpful if the application used prioritized rulesets with schduling included. I know this niche is already filled, but i’m sure you guys could make a very extensible platform.

Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

bump…I know it’s rude, but I think bandwidth limiting features would be a great addition to comodo’s firewall. Would this be difficult to implement? There are other applications that do this, but im sure comodo could do it in a smaller footprint, considering there is a program control framework already in place.

So you’re looking for a traffic shaper?



That would be the term I was searching for, yes
I hope the Comodo team would be interested!


Have you used any other such applications, with which to provide some comparison info, what you like about them, etc?

The more info a user can provide, the better it will assist Comodo as they look at new products. Also, seeing some detailed thoughts laid out is bound to pique other users’ interest as well. :wink:


Indeed I have used such software before!

Netlimiter is a very functional one.

It allows you to:
set an upload/download limit for different applications.
limit the amount of bandwidth incoming/outgoing from different IPs.
make zones for making rulesets.
schedule when certain rules are applied.
…It works very well and has a firewall built in…looks like competition to me :smiley:

This sort of thing seems to be right in Comodo’s set of expertise, such features would be a nice addition to the Comodo firewall

Thanks for considering


That would certainly seem to fit… :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, and the link…


Also, take a look at TrafficShaperXP ( Not as good as Net Limiter in my opinion and it does not yet support Windows Vista, but it is freeware.

Please, if the making of a bandwidth is possible, have an option for freeware use of the application. As there do not exist any freeware bandwidth limiters, I think that there will be a lot of users, who will get it.

Thank you.

PS. As far, any products I have used from your company are very functional and useful (favorites: Firewall and BackUp).

I would like something like what all was said to be in CFP too. :BNC :BNC :BNC