Bandwidth Gets "sucks" Dry by P2P....

My Bandwidth gets totally “sucked” dry when I have uTorrent running,Maybe I am trying their newest Beta version, it was never like this before, I cannot Surf the net at all when uIorrent is Downloading /uploading simultaneously
It is Not a new Torrents Tracker,[ that I am Downloading from] so I am at a lost. Both Screenshots shown below are Default settings. [ except the Upload Limit in uTorrent] Thanks
(:SAD) (:SAD) (:AGY)

Without knowing your speed… a shot in the dark :wink:

In uTorrent change the following…

Change the Global maximum upload rate to 10.
Add an Alternate upload rate of 5.
Change the Global maximum download rate to 20.

Any better? Also what is your max download/upload speeds (in KB/s)?

[b] Ran 2 Speed test at 2 different location . Here are the Screenshots, hope the recommended settings works:

My connection gets unusable when i’m using Azureus bittorrent. Do you think that restricting the number of connections in Application monitor will help? I will try that, and let you know. I have plenty of down/upstream… ;D

I don’t think so, cause P2P have to do with the Category of “Networks Monitor” in Comodo.
In this situation here, I am Downloading 3 separate Downloads [ 2 from the same Tracker and 1 is different]
The only difference is to Limit the number of Torrents Download and Uploads and adjusting the uTorrent, Global download and Global Upload. I think.[ still trying to resolve this issue]
Btw, If I turn off Comodo and turn on XP Firewall, I can surf the net.

It didn’t help, other than it didn’t down/upload anything…
I reduced the upload from 600k to 30k and now i can use firefox while downloading… :wink:
I reduced the download from unlimited to 1.25Mb, but it really doesn’t matter, because the down-speed is always sucking anyway…
I have a network monitor rule for Azureus, and i have green light.
It was probably the upspeed that took all my bandwith…