balloon windows

Sorry, I lost my last message so don’t know if this will appear twice.
What to do with this obnoxious interference of balloon windows?
Under settings, I have disabled them.
I have clicked “remember my answer”.
But the firewall continuously gives balloon messages on applications “system” and “sychost.exe”.
Do I also click ‘trusted application’.
Besides most of these alerts, I (and I’m sure many others) don’t even know what they mean to know what we should do.
Can nothing be done?

Hi John ,

Your message is not clear.

Please provide more detailed information about the system you are using / CIS - its version and components
are you using whole suite or just a firewall, etc.

Never type, but copy/paste , plus even better - post an image(s) of the Alerts

Say, “sychost.exe” - not true, is it? :wink:

That’s most likely “svchost.exe

In addition please use Search feature copying the latter (“svchost”) as a keyword and/or “balloon” and you will find a lot (!) of discussions & solutions

My regards

Shouldn’t this topic be moved to Comodo Internet Security?

I think you need to disable balloon messages under More → Preferences → General.