Bad Update

The last update from CIS to Win7 was bad, it leaves the operating system much but very slow, a real ■■■■.

This is mainly happening when you start win and when new sotwares are installed.

Where can I download the previous version of the updates?

Hi Veiue983,
Can you please confirm behavior even after uninstalling CIS also?


When I remove the CIS from the computer it becomes normal. As soon as I did the update the system got heavier, but in the task manager everything is normal.

It seems like it’s always in check, and it slows down software performance a lot.

I had the same problem after updating through CIS updater. After purging the not valid files in the file list and restarting the computer the performance was restored and there was no slowdown anymore.

Hi Veiue983,
Can you please look at following post and help us with required performance data to investigate further?


In my case the machine with problems with CIS is a win7, the Windows Performance Toolkit is only valid for win8 or higher.

Secure Shopping is uninstalled on my machine, so the problem does not come from there.

However, the problem continues.

where can I get the offline installer from the previous CIS version to the current one? Thanks.

Hi Veiue983,

I have sent you a message and shared WPT for Win7, please check.

We don’t keep older versions live as links are updated with latest version.
I will share older setup link on gdrive via message and see if that also has problem.

In the mean time to isolate problem while you also provide WPT data, please see if you could try to use following steps:
Step - 1: Rename C:\windows\system32\guard32/64.dll and reboot
Step - 2: If Step-1 does not work, rename C:\windows\system32\drivers\cmdguard.sys and reboot

Please share your feedback.


Hi Umesh,

since the update to (only the firewall) I have also massive problems.

Some programs start extremely slowly from my SSD.
Sometimes just a minute for programs that normally start in 5 to 10 seconds.
Everything feels very tough.

I have applied the tip of Boris 3, unfortunately without success.

Then I tried your tips.
Step-1: I don’t have 64.dll

Step-2: After booting, I get an error message that the hips no longer work.

So no solution for me.

Win 7 Pro 64bit
SSD has full read and write speed.

Everything was working like a charm with 6420 and KB4056894 (Meltdown-Update for Windows 7) installed.

Please send me a link to the Offline Installer of the Comodo firewall Version 6420.

Thank you in advance

Hi hansnolte,
I have shared v6420 setup via personal message.

Please try that out and see if that works, if yes, we can try to troubleshoot problem with v6476 on your PC.


I too have had severe problems with version 6476. cmdagent.exe frequently crashes, causing slowdowns and orphaned firewall alert popups. Sometimes cmdagent.exe enters a suspended state instead; as soon as I resume the process (via Process Explorer) it immediately crashes.

Any chance I could get the v6420 offline installer? I only had that version for about a day before updating to v6476, so I do not know for sure that it was stable, but I am willing to try. I am hoping to avoid having to rollback to the latest offline installer I have saved; it is really old.

Why don’t you try a clean install of v6476 with using the default config before trying to use an older version to see if the issue was caused by a corrupt in place upgrade. And make sure you don’t have other 3rd party security software installed that could cause incompatibilities.

i have sent a message sharing v6420 setup, first lets see if you find it stable and after confirming, please try as suggested by futuretech.


Thank you.

I downgraded to v6420 using the installer you provided. After several hours of doing the same things that gave me such trouble with v6476, I have yet to experience any noticeable problems.

I do not have a lot of time for troubleshooting right now; I might get around to trying a clean install of v6476 sometime during the weekend.