Bad news COMODO S.A.

Hi, do you guys know about it?


and there’s more in there…
BYE BYE Comodo S.A. for good not for free!!

Hi George0. The first link is dated May 2 2004, while the second I don’t know since I’m not a member of that forum. Also, the sub-link in that first thread leads me to an error 404. This means that page doesn’t exist anymore because it’s obsolete.

Sorry, but I just don’t get the connection between the implications of a hardware based DRM/TCP and /Comodo’s desktop security software not being free? Can you explain more, please?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I don’t either. What is S.A. and should this be in the Help board?

Comodo started to get a nice position between blocklists. They have joined the so called “■■■■” group of tcpa. Maybe you got to register to read on bluetacks forums. Don’t waste time read there many nice things. That policy would be harmfull for the user at the end. I don’t have more to say. Go and read for yourself guys. Make your own conclusions. Personally i’ll keep blocking comodo s.a. (is a company) for the discussed reasons like in the mentioned forum.

Hey Georgeo,

I appreciate that TCP can be restrictive/invasive, but only in those cases where the activity contravenes what is deems to be acceptable (whether it’s right or not is open to conjecture ;)). Having said that, Comodo, along with most other security firms of any note, joined this consortium years ago. How TCP is going to fit into non-USA countries privacy laws is yet to be tested.

I don’t work for Comodo so I can only assume that this tied in with Comodo’s pre-existing work in the field of hardware authentication devices and hardware encryption devices.

Funnily, the first post you mentioned had several mentions of TCP being the death of open source and freeware, yet here we are … :wink:

Hi George

Comodo S.A. is a company…? If S.A. means Security Association (as in IPSec), then probably yes.

Also when you said that you would “keep blocking comodo s.a.”… what does this mean? Obviously you don’t mean… otherwise you wouldn’t be able to post here. So, what is “COMODO S.A.” to you & what exactly are you intending to block?

Ewen/Soya: Not sure this has anything to do with CFP, maybe Melih’s Corner is more appropriate?


If I remember well, Melih has stated that cpf doesn’t have any “government backdoors” and will remain free forever…but who knows what is yet to come…
I am interested too in what do you mean by blocking comodo? You won’t use any of its products?
Then you should also “block” Microsoft (don’t use Windows, Office etc…), IBM/Intel/AMD/ATI/NVidia (sell your computer :slight_smile: ) Siemens, Motorola (mobile phones)…
And as the links are quite dated I think this list is even much larger…
Sorry if I misunderstood you

So you are saying that Comodo joined an organization that is spying on all of us to see if we are watching pirated movies and listening to stolen music and basically wants to take control of all of the PC’s on earth and hand that control over to the US Government.

Dude, you need to get out more!!!

(:KWL) I am not jasper, I am someone else.

jasper not jasper

I am a member of bluetack forums for the last 3 years.

I think that all is about of comodo joining the TCPA (Trusted Computing Platform Alliance). But this was back on 2003.

Now the former TCPA Group is called TCG (Trusted Computing Group). But Comodo is not a member; at least at their official public list

Seems to me that the S.A. reference is nothing more than the French way of writing Ltd. in a company name. S.A. = Société Anonyme.

My second guess is that it has nothing to do with “our” Comodo.

Just my $0.02 8)